You Cannot Memorize It All

As medical students and residents you know this fact. You also know to base your decisions on evidence. VisualDx is based on the premise that information-assisted decision-making is far more beneficial than memorizing the most common and serious disorders. Using our guided workups, VisualDx enhances and improves your clinical reasoning skills. We use the power of visualization to logically guide you to a differential diagnosis based on a chief complaint, exam findings, or patient history.

Use VisualDx for:

  • Build a custom differential based on a chief complaint across general medicine.
  • Search by diagnosis. VisualDx has more than 3,100 diagnoses with therapy options, best tests, management pearls, and more.
  • Review more than 51,000 medication reactions and adverse drug events.
  • Understand travel-related illness and infectious disease.
  • Share images and information with patients via printed or emailed handouts.

Use VisualDx on the web or on any Android or Apple mobile device.

How VisualDx Works

Click here to see more VisualDx tutorials, including videos on using the VisualDx mobile app on iOS and Android.

VisualDx Resources for Educators and Students

In addition to the VisualDx system, we create resources to be used in conjunction with VisualDx. These resources engage the learner in clinical decision-making and improve their knowledge of the proper use of information technology.

VisualDx offers the follow educational resources:

  • Problem-Based Learning: Students learn by inputting case findings in VisualDx, reviewing the differential diagnosis, and then discussing their logic.
  • Case Vignettes: Use case stories to teach problem-solving with VisualDx.
  • Top 10 Image Challenges: Challenge your students or yourself to identify the diagnosis based on case photos.
  • LearnDerm: Fine-tune your dermatology terminology and test your visual diagnostic skills with this free online tutorial. Five lessons include material in every area of the dermatology fundamentals as well as self-paced tests.
  • National Dermatology Kodachromes: A cornerstone of education for dermatology residents and beyond. Our National Dermatology Kodachrome sessions include a didactic from an esteemed physician followed by an interactive quiz that puts your pattern recognition and diagnostic skills to the test.
  • And more!

VisualDx Plus DermExpert

DermExpert is an add-on feature that helps users better understand, diagnose, and treat skin conditions. With DermExpert, clinicians can take or upload a photo of a patient’s skin condition. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, DermExpert determines the lesion type, then asks a few simple questions to quickly get to a differential diagnosis.

Take a photo of the patient’s skin lesion.

Analyze the photo with DermExpert.

Confirm or edit the patient’s lesion type.

Answer a few additional questions.

See the differential diagnosis results.

View clinical information and diagnosis images.