Membership Drive

Gear up for AMSA-India’s Membership Drive across medical colleges of the country, from

25th July till 1st August, 2021.

Grab hold of this magnificent opportunity to become a part of the ever growing AMSA India family. A chance to boost your resume, enhance your knowledge, take part in various quizzes and conferences both nationally and internationally and have tons of fun along the way

We bring you the facility of online payment for memberships at a discounted price of

-> Rs.800 for Individual Registration  

-> Rs. 700 (per person) for a group of five

Note: Discounts are only available when registering via the AMSA-India college heads, state heads or the M&D department during the Membership Drive period (ie 25th July to 1st August 2021).

How to go about it?

Well, that’s easy

1~ Contact the College Head to express your interest in membership.

(If you don’t know who the college head for your college is, contact Director of Membership and Development, AMSA India, on the details given below)

2~ Make payment to the college head/ state head.

3~ Submit proof of payment (in case of online payment) and a college ID for documentation.

4~ Collect your unique AMSA ID.

5~[❗️ This is the most important step❗️] Fill the AMSA membership registration form.

What next?

Well, welcome to AMSA India!

You’ll soon be added to the AMSA email and WhatsApp forums!

Seize the day!

Get on board and have an amazing journey with us😃

With our AMSA India family expanding everyday, we’re bubbling with excitement about the future projects AMSA India family will embark upon and increase its outreach.

For queries contact your college head or our Memberships & Development Department;

Freya Kankhara

Phone no: +917878948887


Director, Memberships & Development Department AMSA India