1. AMSA India has adopted privacy policies for protecting the personal information of the AMSA India members, which is collected through the Final step of membership process, ie, the registration form.

2. In order to maintain the transparency of personal data collection, the rights and obligations of the organisation and the new members are mentioned under the privacy policies on the AMSA India official website.

3. Mandatory informed consent is taken from the registrant at the time of filling the final registration form to ensure the ethical collection and storage of data. 

4. During membership registration, the data collected and used are personal information such as name (which includes first and last name), Email ID, Phone number, Age, Date of Birth, Gender, Postal Address, Education Details such as year of study, proof of enrollment, Education institutional details such as Name of College/ University, Location of College/University etc. in order to store and maintain the membership databases. 

5. All the above mentioned information is used to provide specific membership IDs to its members, providing relevant opportunities within and outside of AMSA India, for subsequent audits, verification of membership, establishment of identity and in situations which are applicable within the scope and ambit of laws.

6. Any of the personal information collected by the M&D department can’t be accessed by or shared with any person other than the members of the M&D team themselves, this non- accessibility rule extends to the Regional chairperson of ASMA India as well.

7. The confidentiality of the personal data of the members is strictly maintained by the M&D department, following any trespassing of personal data by any member of the M&D team could result in the termination of both their tenure as well as membership.

8. The data accessed and shared with third parties for carrying out developmental activities of AMSA India are strictly restricted to the count of members and their regional representation such as the college and state they belong to, without divulging any personal details or identity of the existing members.

9. The information is stored only for the duration of the memberships and archived thereafter when the member becomes an alumni.

10.  Most of the data is collected in our google suites connected domain. We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect against unauthorized disclosure.

11. A member’s information may be disclosed by the department if it is required to do so by law or legal process to law enforcement authorities or other government officials as required to comply with a legitimate legal request, when we believe disclosure is necessary to prevent physical harm, mental distress or financial loss, or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity.

12. A member can exercise the following choices in terms of their personal data through emailing the same at membership@amsaindia.in.

12.1. If requested access to the information we collect and hold about a member, We’ll usually share this with the said member within 30 days

12.2. Have their information corrected or deleted

12.3. Object to us processing their information. The member can ask us to stop using their information, including when we use their information to send them the opportunities, programs and events within AMSA India.

12.4. If a member wishes to have their details deleted from databases of AMSA India then AMSA India will not be responsible for any verification error and will lead to termination of membership without any refund.

12.5. All AMSA India members can request more details about the information we collect and how and why we use and share it.