Dear AMSA-India member,

” As your student association, we are constantly trying to understand and solve the stresses that you may have to face in this journey of becoming a doctor.

One of the most prominent stresses that we face as medical students are the need to study in an efficient manner. We completely understand how difficult (maybe, even unfair) it is, in the limited time that we get, to read, assimilate, and learn to apply the vast amounts of knowledge that medicine contains.

On our part, to try and relieve this stress a bit, we have taken some exciting steps to help you gain an exposure to an extremely powerful, international medical study tool.

AMBOSS is a powerful learning platform created by a team of dedicated international physicians for students of medicine around the world. AMBOSS combines an interactive knowledge library, covering all pre-clinical and clinical knowledge, with a question bank of challenging case-based questions, which help you memorize medicine through applying what you study (much like clinical practice, itself!)
AMSA-India is proud to announce that we have gotten into a partnership with AMBOSS.

To launch this partnership, we have negotiated for all AMSA-India members to receive 15 DAYS of AMBOSS trial usage for free! You will find the link emailed to you.

NOTE: This offer can only be redeemed until the 31st of September, so please don’t delay or you will miss the chance to try out a very helpful study tool for free- no strings attached!

We have also negotiated that if a lot of our members like using AMBOSS and would like to continue using it – AMBOSS would have to provide us a bulk price with a heavy discount, exclusively for the AMSA-India family.

We really found the questions and the library quite helpful in our experience, and we know that any of you who have tried it, feel the same. So we genuinely encourage all of you to make use of this chance. Especially, considering that we all have this opportunity to try it out FOR FREE. If it works for you — great, we can negotiate with them to give us a discount. If it doesn’t, you still got to use it -no strings attached- for 15 days

We hope this has helped you feel a little more relaxed and a little better prepared to face your studies. We are sure that, with the right tools and guidance, you will do well! We believe in you. “

Best regards,
Your AMSA-India team