In these recent times of a pandemic, one of the hurdles in helping create awareness is that medical professionals are often unaware of key phrases related to Covid-19 in local languages. We have partnered up the The Global Education and Leadership Foundation (tGELF) to create a Regional Translation Dictionary which will enable the medical fraternity to conduct a more fruitful communication with the community.


Since India is a diverse country with a multitude of languages, we require your help to translate the phrases from English to the following languages:

– Assamese

– Bengali

– Gujarati

– Hindi

– Kannad

– Malayalam

– Marathi

– Punjabi

– Tamil

– Telugu


The Translation Dictionary is hosted on the U-Lead Platform by tGELF. Click on the link below and sign up

and click on the ACT opportunity to start translating :


All volunteers will receive Certificates of Appreciation from AMSA for their participation!


In case of queries, please contact :

Gul Kalra

Secretary of Partnerships (NGO’s)

+91 9781206206


Devesh Chandra

National Officer of Partnerships

+91 8210207909