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Old Age Home Visit


Milvartan in punjabi means mutual sharing; Such is the name of the old age home visited by students of Government Medical College, Amritsar. Members and non-members alike spoke on Depression at the home on 31st August, 2018. The talk started with handing out pictures of famous celebrities and then revealing what they all had in common was being affected by depression. We briefed them about the various action plans including medication, problem focused therapy and natural therapeutic routes and also made the occupants try their hand at some origami which proved to be highly successful.

There was also an informal discussion between the occupants and the volunteers at a more one-on-one level. The evening ended with a jubilant round of singing and cracking jokes to lighten the mood.
We at GMC, Amritsar were ecstatic with what we achieved by this visit and would love to keep at it.
Organiser: Japmehr Kaur Sandhu
6 Volunteers:
Abhaydeep Singh
Bhupinder Singh
Japmehr Kaur Sandhu
Japjee Parmar
Aneesha Sharma
Aviraj Singh Riar

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