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EAMSC 2020

We are ecstatic to announce that AMSA-India will be hosting EAMSC 2020 in New Delhi!
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World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1st to 7th August to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world.

The theme of this year’s World Breastfeeding Week is “Breastfeeding: Foundation for Life”— a recognition of the importance of breastfeeding to a baby’s future.

From the earliest moments of a child’s life, breastfeeding can mean the difference between life and death. Putting newborns to the breast within the first hour of life safeguards against newborn deaths. In fact, improving breastfeeding practices could save the lives of 823,000 children under age five every year.

World Hepatitis Day

For World Hepatitis Day 2018, WHO will focus on the theme: "Test. Treat. Hepatitis".

Viral hepatitis B and C are major health challenges, affecting 325 million people globally. They are chronic infections that may not show symptoms for a long period, sometimes years or decades. At least 60% of liver cancer cases are due to late testing and treatment of viral hepatitis B and C, which causes 1.34 million deaths annually. Low coverage of testing and treatment need to be addressed, in order to achieve the global elimination goals by 2030.

Deep Mission: A mission to spread light to the deepest corners of the world.

Students of Government Medical College, Amritsar teamed up with internationally recognised charity and NGO: Deep Mission to host a two day health camp. Two centres were strategically chosen so that maximum number of children could be examined. One being the Public School under the NGO.

The team included 5 interns and upto 8 undergraduates working seamlessly as a unit. The health assessment included a one on one brief consultation allowing the children to voice any complaints they might have, blood pressure monitoring, weight, height measurement, auscultation and a physical exam. A glucometer was made available to check for blood sugar if necessary. Following the assessment, the children even put up a zealous singing performance to show their gratitude towards the team.

Individual files were prepared on the basis of the held examination and organised according to severity of any uncovered cause for concern. The prepared files will also help the NGO by serving as a personalised documented medical record for subsequent future use. We, as medical students were glad to provide such a pragmatic service through such an educational experience.

Japmehr Kaur Sandhu
(College Head)


Milvartan in punjabi means mutual sharing; Such is the name of the old age home visited by students of Government Medical College, Amritsar. Members and non-members alike spoke on Depression at the home on 31st August, 2018. The talk started with handing out pictures of famous celebrities and then revealing what they all had in common was being affected by depression. We briefed them about the various action plans including medication, problem focused therapy and natural therapeutic routes and also made the occupants try their hand at some origami which proved to be highly successful.
There was also an informal discussion between the occupants and the volunteers at a more one-on-one level. The evening ended with a jubilant round of singing and cracking jokes to lighten the mood.

We at *Government medical college, Amritsar* were ecstatic with what we achieved by this visit and would love to keep at it.

*Organiser: Japmehr Kaur Sandhu*
*6 Volunteers:*
Abhaydeep Singh
Bhupinder Singh
Japmehr Kaur Sandhu
Japjee Parmar
Aneesha Sharma
Aviraj Singh Riar


Christian Medical College, Ludhiana

Blood Donation Camp organized by AMSA India members from Christian Medical College , Ludhiana on the occasion of “World Blood Donor Day” 14th June 2018 at Cmc Ludhiana.