Message from Incoming RC

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Exactly a Decade Ago, in 2011, the idea of ‘AMSA India’ came into fruition under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Apoorv Jain and Dr. Abhinav Tomar. Ever since its inception, AMSA India has been continuously striving to work in the best interests of the medical students in particular and the community in general and has achieved major milestones in it’s journey by evolving itself as per the need of the hour. A consistently expanding yet structurally stable, diverse yet egalitarian, AMSA India is an upshot of the valiant efforts of the medical students from all corners of the nation throughout these years, alive to the exigencies of the society and the medical fraternity. And I have been privileged enough to be a part of it’s journey since the past 3 years. Being a close observer to the evolution of the colossus we see today as ‘AMSA India’ has been nothing short of a blessing.

With a deep sense of humility, I would like to thank Dr. Priyansh Nathani for reposing the confidence in me to lead the treasured potential of AMSA India, the young medical brains, who hold the key to unlocking new avenues of collaboration, action and learning locally as well as globally; hence inching a step closer towards the vision of Knowledge, Action & Friendship of AMSA. Thus, as the Regional Chairperson, the focus of my team would be driven towards Empowering those minds, unravelling the unexplored potentials and thus enhancing the overall performance and growth of our members in general and AMSA India as a whole.

The incoming team at AMSA India has come up with an interesting tagline –

‘AMSA India –
Medschool ke saath bhi
Medschool ke baad bhi’

Wherein we aim to bring forth a plethora of new opportunities and avenues, transcending conventional boundaries, redefining the new normal, benefacting every member in taking the best flight to their dreams and making AMSA India your home away from home, where you learn & evolve together with friends from around the nation and the world.

We express solidarity with the community and our fellow colleagues who have been posted on the frontlines in the current Covid-19 Pandemic situation. We will continuously strive to support efforts and amplify the response to Covid-19. With a humble heart together with your support, I hope to serve our dear members, the People of Tomorrow, with utmost sense of service and dedication, moving ahead in this journey together as one AMSA India family.

‘Empowering Minds, Enhancing Performance’

Viva AMSA!

Best Regards
Khushman Kaur Bhullar
Incoming Regional Chairperson
AMSA-India 2021-22