``Opportunities arise from ideas.
Ideas are shared and strategies are put in place``

Sitting at the computer desk, as a 11th grade student, searching for Google Science Fair ideas to dreaming of studying in the world’s best college of medicine. Googled it all. Didn’t do either. Joining medicine was fascinating, but the outcome of being a doctor is not really all that I was looking forward to. As an individual we may not learn everything what our profession offers. Besides, a medical student doesn’t know what a humanities student does nor the other way round. Quite often in the field of science we lose touch with the intersectoral understandings. Every medical student having a bit of ‘sensitization’ during education is in dire need. Joining a newly established college, I thought would make things difficult but all it served was the best platform in my life to grow after accepting each of its pros and cons.

AMSA India gave me the opportunity to learn beyond what our field offers. I believe the best part about an organization is its ability to provide a national platform to connect and learn together. It cannot function without its people and its leaders. We have a platform to ensure we serve to the society, get academic opportunities and thereby learn and inculcate the values and skills to be good doctors.

With a deep sense of humility, I would like to thank Dr. Rohini Dutta for reposing the confidence in me to lead the young medical fraternity of India.

As a leader of such a dynamic national organization for medical students, I must say that every member, every partner, every idea at every level of the organization makes what an organization like AMSA-India is. Every tenure, the grand idea of the organization’s way forward is a web of causation of several ideas by medical students.

The most recent and fitting testimony to our hardwork and determination as an organisation was the Indian Health Professional Award for the best Student Medical Organisation in the country, bestowed upon us in December 2019.

I believe that there is always going to be someone stepping up somewhere, taking up responsibilities, being a leader and still having a family and personal life to worry about and yet, tries to keep a balance, as much as possible.

Or at least, give it a try!

Whereas, I will be taking forward all the good work done by my predecessors to the logical conclusion, the following true values of our organization to be taken up on priorities:




‘Under Promise and Over Deliver’

And that’s our ‘Vision 2020’ for AMSA India.

Signing In

Priyansh Nathani