National Doctor’s Day

With the theme of ‘save the saviours- a salute to frontline healthcare workers’ we hereby enter the month of July!
?This month holds the most important day for doctors in India, today is the National Doctor’s day (1st July). The year marks a turn of a Health Revolution across all countries of the world. A popular opinion has been that doctors day is more like ‘heroes day’, especially in these trying times.
?On 6th July we observe World zoonosis day. A day of much import in a country observing emergence of new zoonotic diseases such as the Nipah virus in Kerala. Many have postulated a decline in the same due to protective measures being taken during the pandemic however it is important to note that the reemergence of the same remains a possibility.
?28th July brings us the World Hepatitis day. Worldwide, 290 million people are living with viral hepatitis unaware. On this note, this year’s theme stands as “Finding the missing millions” Immunisation hold a major role in this battle against hepatitis.
?29th July is ORS Day: The Oral Rehydration Solution is a miracle worker for cholera, diarrhoea and other dehydrating afflictions. Even though it doesn’t affect the infectious component of the disease, it drastically reduces mortality upto 1% if given early on. Also called the ‘Amrut’ in dehydration, it continues to be the most feasible, safest and most efficient treatment modality for diarrhoea diseases especially in children.

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