“With Great Power, comes great responsibility”

This quote has inspired me in all the phases of my leadership in AMSA India, and the same was my motivation while applying for the Regional Chairperson of this organisation. Being in leadership positions at various levels, we have always worked for the best interest of students and have continued to strive for the same to make it the most accessible medical student organisation.

A decade ago, AMSA India began with an idea when 2 medical students Dr. Abhinav Tomar and Dr. Apporv Jain went to an Asian medical students conference. Since then, AMSA India has grown exponentially. My journey in AMSA India started as National Officer for Information Technology back in 2019. Then I worked as Director of IT and Vice Overall chairperson Internal. We also organised the first edition of AMSACON at Amritsar. During my journey in AMSA India, I have also worked in AMSA International as Director of Information Technology and Vice overall Chairperson Internal, implementing the ‘Seedership’ programme with my colleagues in AMSA International. Working in these positions has helped me develop self-confidence, public speaking skills, and professionalism which paved my way to become the Regional Chairperson of this Organisation.

I would like to thank my predecessor Dr. Khushman Bhullar who not only trusted me for this position but always guided and mentored me in every situation. Under her Leadership, AMSA India has won the best chapter award in AMSA International as well as the National award for the best student organization in India. With the same enthusiasm, I wish to take AMSA India to greater heights.

Starting the tenure with the tagline


We aim to make AMSA India a research-oriented organization providing many platforms to conduct studies that benefit the community and students. We aim to conduct the second AMSACON and other upcoming conferences, exchanges, and international opportunities where medical students can share ideas, inspire each other and make new friends, thus fulfilling the motto of AMSA India that is knowledge, Action, and friendship.

‘We should give back society what we have gained’, We at AMSA India continue to serve passionately towards society’s betterment. I hope I am able to fulfil the expectation of our dear members and the people of tomorrow, while making this organisation a family of all medical students across India.

Best Regards
Dr. Samarvir Jain
Signing In