``Knowing is better than wondering. Waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, is worth one try.``

Becoming the regional chairperson of AMSA-India was the best decision I made in my final year of medical school. There were so many things holding me back while taking this leap of faith, but self belief countered it all.

Together, we managed to increase our memberships by 59%, expand ourselves across the nation, open new positions of leadership, take up uncountable initiatives across all departments, collaborate with colleges for events, and to top it all, we hosted the Junior World Congress 2019 in Ludhiana and East Asian Medical Students Conference 2020 in New Delhi!

I wouldn’t have been able to head AMSA India with the same amount of efficiency had it not been for my extremely hardworking Executive Board. We started out as a team, but I am happy to say, that we have grown to become a family. I am so grateful for their valuable inputs in each and every decision and initiative. It is exciting to see that many of them have chosen to continue to stay in the board and that goes to show how much we all wish to see the organisation grow to new heights.

The enthusiasm from the AMSA India members is what has really kept my spirits high to keep working through the tenure despite all odds. My fondest memory in my tenure was organising junior world congress and getting to meet you all! AMSA India is a place where I truly found myself. From someone who didn’t really know where she fits, I know now that AMSA-India is my home. With that, I’m excited to reveal that I will be continuing as the Advisor of the next EB 2020-21. I wish to ensure the work towards our vision for the organisation to continue despite the rough start for the year globally. I have full faith in the incoming EB and I can’t wait to get to work with them!

I’m full of gratitude for Priyansh Nathani, under whose dynamic leadership of the external department allowed us to branch out for exciting collaborations and partnerships. It is because of this dedication, zeal and structure that has allowed him to climb the ladder to becoming my successor.

Viva AMSA!

Your Immediate Past RC

Dr. Rohini Dutta