‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success’

This quote by Henry Ford beautifully describes my journey in AMSA India from being the Secretary of Marketing & Sponsorships to Vice Overall Chairperson External and Finally the Regional Chairperson for the tenure of 2021/22.

The past year was undoubtedly the most magical year of my time at AMSA. We started off scared and worried in the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we managed to pull off the transition from online to hybrid to finally offline mode of events during the tenure, none of which was possible without the sincere efforts of all my lovely Executive Board members, the talented National Board as well as State and College teams.

From experiencing a plethora of unique ideas and activities throughout the tenure, to meeting so many of the AMSA India members at our offline AMSACON 2022, the year has been a rewarding journey in itself. From reinvigorating the Brand Identity of AMSA India to its representation at various National and International events, I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who have believed and continued to support us in our endeavours for AMSA India. Many new initiatives and partnerships were successfully started and thrived during the tenure, ranging our newly installed Bioethics and MSFC Unit to partnerships for TalkAloud and InciSioN India.

Having won the Best Chapter Award twice in a row and the Best Medial Students’ Organisation Award thrice in a row, I am nothing but proud of what AMSA India has achieved over the years. I’m sure our new Executive Board 2022/23 led by my friend, confidante, colleague, and I must call him, our tech genius and epitome of leadership, our new Regional Chairperson for the year 2022/23, Samarvir Jain, will reach greater heights and bring glory to all of us at AMSA India. It has been and will always be an honour to be able to contribute to the best of my abilities through AMSA India. Yet for now, with a heavy heart, I will take your leave as the Regional Chairperson while staying close to our true values of Knowledge, Action, Friendship.

Viva AMSA!

Signing Out
RC Khush