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Asian Medical Student’s Exchange Programme was initiated in the year 2003 as an unilateral exchange with its first bilateral exchange in the November 2006 and January 2007 between Indonesia and Japan. The Twinning Program has been a really effective method of hosting and has been the foundation of every AMSEP ever since. AMSEP creates opportunities for international preclinical and clinical exchanges between AMSA International chapters. The program undergoes great modification every year as it depends on the host chapter and university students to organize the schedule; accommodating to the aspirations of the incoming students to said hosting chapter. Participating students not only learn about the healthcare and medical education system, they also have a great chance to experience the cultural aspects of the exchange country in a social program. They are also encouraged to participate in social service activities, which may include visiting patients or foster homes. Lastly, the students are given the opportunity to develop long lasting international friendship with the people they meet during the exchange program. In the end, AMSEP serves to fulfill the vision of AMSA-International knowledge, action and friendship.

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