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AMSC 2019:Singapore Experience

• AMSC 2019 •
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, or as in this case, a single wonderful opening night!

After long hours of travel, from all over the world, delegates were welcomed with a gala dinner, where everyone got the chance to indulge in laughter, games, and new wonderful friendships!

Here we can see our AMSA Indians, once again in the limelight, not shying away from having a few laughs and showcasing their talents!

• AMSC 2019 •
After the opening addresses by the dignitaries, the delegates were privileged enough to get the opportunity of attending a session by Dr Tan, a pioneer of public health.
Dr Tan described his experiences and motivated students to become better learners.
His session consisted of some interesting activities and was followed by a question-answer segment, which was incredibly wholesome.

• AMSC 2019 •

After 2 tremendous days of the conference, the third day Kickstarted with a session on Rehabilitation medicine, which had our speaker talk about the various dimensions, the hardships, the successes and the opportunities in this field of service.
What followed was the announcement for the AMSC 2020, in the UK and the AMSA International Song.
After such an enriching morning session, it was time for something energetic, and this is where we had the AMAZING RACE, which had all the groups going on tour on the university campus, learning about the various teaching methodologies and playing some fun games.

The day didn’t end here, as the end of the AMAZING RACE paved way to the cultural workshops, which included Chinese fan painting, mooncake designing, rangoli making amongst others!

• AMSC 2019 •

Day 4 began with an insightful panel discussion revolving around the theme of AMSC 2019, Access to Healthcare.

Emphasizing on the importance of community health, we moved onto the section where each chapter presented their community projects, with AMSA INDIA, shining once again.

For the last segment of the day, each group visited a nursing home, where they interacted with the people living there, and indulged in creative activities with them, making it an enriching experience for everyone.


4 days into the conference, with tired eyes and sleepless nights, the delegates needed something to rejuvenate their spirits. What better than early morning Zumba to do this?

Day 5 started with a healthy dose of Zumba, which was indeed refreshing. Moving on, there were sessions and discussions on the various barriers to healthcare all over the world.

The evening of day 5 had us all on awe, with cultures of all chapters being showcased in one place. The food, the drinks, the gifts, the music, everything was magical.
The world, indeed, is a better place when we all come together!

Day 6 was the day the entire delegation was working extremely hard towards.

It was the day of the academic competitions, whereby teams from all over the world were competing to win.
AMSA India had two teams in the running, and both teams did exceptionally well, gathering praise from delegates and judges alike!

After the stress of the academic competitions subsided, it was time for the Cultural Night, the night where everyone looked their best and proudly represented their countries through stage breaking performances!
With a fancy dinner and fancier people, this was a night worth remembering!
Swipe right to see the delegates setting the stage on


All good things come to an end.

Alas,this wonderful experience was also bound to end.

The ending was however bittersweet, with promises to stay in touch and stronger friendships, to the reality of going back to school. It was however a beautiful experience!

The last day had everyone a little sad to be parting, but happy to be exchanging gifts and promises to stay in touch. It was indeed bittersweet.

We can most definitely say, that it was AMSA INDIA’s day, as both our teams competing in academic competitions won accolades.
We won the first prize in the scientific poster category, and were the first runners up in the white paper presentation.

What followed is something that made everyone fall in love with our chapter, the announcements of the EAMSC2020, at MAMC, New Delhi.
With all the hopes and expectations from AMSA India, it is time for us to close this chapter, and begin the next one, after all it’s our time to shine!

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