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Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) International is a peak representative organisation for medical students from across Asia, the Asia-Pacific, and beyond. AMSA has trained future doctors-to-be to share knowledge, undertake activities and social services and create international friendships. AMSA International was officially founded at the sixth Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC), which was held at Manila, the Philippines in 1985. Enthusiastic AMSA members from nine different nations – Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, gathered at the conference and founded the prestigious international organisation. The member nations increased gradually as the founding members of AMSA inspired neighbouring countries with its admirable vision. Today, AMSA International has grown into a dynamic student-led, not-for-profit, non-political organisation. With members and friends spanning the globe, AMSA International has branched and introduced many exciting subsidiaries and activities to be undertaken regionally and nationally within the member nations. With our amazing partners and sponsors, we are able to have interorganizational collaborations of academic, sociocultural and public health coverage, not to forget the exchange projects that have managed to foster trans-continental long-lasting friendships. 

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The visions that have kept AMSA International sustained until this very day is Knowledge, Action and Friendship. 



We promote scientific and medical activities to increase and expand our knowledge whilst training to become the medical professionals of the future. 



As medical students, we are concerned for the community around us and endeavour to do things for the benefit and improvement of our fellow citizens. 



As future doctors, we aim to build and maintain a good relationship among our colleagues in the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

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(1) To promote understanding in medical and health problems, as well as to share experiences in solving them. 

(2) To promote the interest and welfare of medical students within India.

(3) To foster unity and promote profound interpersonal relationships amongst its Members. 

(4) To uphold humanitarian ideals and medical ethics. 

(5) To encourage cooperation among future doctors in the Asia‐Pacific region and beyond. 

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