AMSA India Special Event Pass

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AMSA India Special Event Pass (AISEP) is novel initiative to provide Indian nationals pursuing medical degree as foreign medical students with an opportunity to participate in  AMSA India activities and programs.

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Indian students pursuing UG education in Foreign Medical Colleges.

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As an AISEP holder you can become a part of various activities and events conducted by AMSA India*

Enrich your CV and enhance your medical journey through:

  • National Medical Conferences
  • Bioethics and Research workshops 
  • Public Health and MSFC activities 
  • Academics and extracurriculars
  • Publishing/ Editorial opportunities
  • And much more…

*participation allowed in selected events by AMSA India only, to learn more, view AMSA India’s constitution and departmental guidelines here.

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Only Indian citizens (Indian Passport holders) studying in MBBS Courses as foreign medical students can register for AISEP.

In order to register for AMSA India Special Event Pass for the first time, you will need to pay a fee of 15 USD which will be valid till 31st December 2022.

Special Launch Price of 10 USD for the first 50 registrations. Spots are filling up fast, so contact us to confirm.

Payment can be done through 

  • Bank transfer / deposit
  • UPI
  • PayPal 

Bank Account details:

Account holder’s name: Asian Medical Students Association India

Account number: 15200100077956

IFSC/NEFT code: FDRL0001520

Bank: The Federal Bank Limited

Branch: Ludhiana Extn Counter, Christian Medical College Ludhiana, Ludhiana, Punjab

Following the payment, kindly contact the membership and development department for the AISEP ID

Freya Kankhara

Director of Membership and Development

WhatsApp: +917878948887


After being allotted an unique AISEP ID, you’ll have to fill a final registration form.

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After the validity of AMSA India Special Event Pass ends on 31st December 2022, you can either renew and extend it by paying a discounted price of 10 USD, or you can forfeit the AISEP eligibility.

Note- The AISEP Registration fees are non-refundable.