When you learn, teach, when you get, give.
-Maya Angelou

The Academics department is the division of AMSA India that deals with everything from academics. Be it a question you cannot decipher or a wise thought you need to share, this department provides you with the platform to do it all. At the academics department, we believe that knowledge is not only about burying yourself under the huge mountain of books. Hence, we bring to you fun activities and quizzes enriched with information. Every Saturday the department conducts trivia nights coalescing fascinating facts about medicine and everything that we learn about at med school, because why shouldn’t medicos have fun!
We weave together learning with games and work every day to curate newer events for you to participate in.
In the previous tenures the department had successfully conducted a medical version of Kaun Banega Crorepati, ‘‘Who’s the Medicinaire?’’, various treasure hunts like Huntington’s and House of medicine and the list goes on.
For all those young researchers and budding scientists, we have wise Wednesdays. We share your ideas and opinions across all the AMSA members pan India every Wednesday. Providing you with the exposure you had always been dreaming about. If you are an AMSA member and have a research or publication that needs recognition, contact us.
Join us in this adventure and allow us to make studying a memorable experience.
Did I mention, you will also make a lot of study buddies along the way!
Do not wait for the perfect time to participate in your first quiz or first academic event.

‘‘If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives’’

Join us now!

Scientific paper

To all the budding individuals who vogue access to healthcare, AMSA brings you the greatest opportunity to spread your wings beyond textbooks and broaden your horizon to enthralling activities all year around.
Scientific paper is one such event which encourages students to discuss and question not just individual but community and international healthcare too. This event is the heart of AMSC and EAMSC where you could grab the opportunity of international fame and add to your publications!

Scientific Posters

If you are the person obsessed with scientific posters and are curious to explore other areas under the umbrella of problems of access to healthcare, AMSA-India gives you the opportunity to represent the Country at AMSC and EAMSC.
Join today to be a part of an amazing team! A journey of your long and glorious scientific medical career begins today.

White Paper

Discuss the health problems of your country and compare the already existing solutions and propose new ones! The white paper for sale aims to encourage delegates to reflect on the existing problems regarding access to healthcare in their respective countries and think of innovative solutions. 

Public Posters

Do you want to educate the general public and make a mark in the society?
Here’s the opportunity to showcase your skills at the International Conference while educating the general public and creating a healthy and informed society.
Whether its malaria or diabetes or contention on Polio eradication, here is the chance to put together a public poster concerning the need of the public.


AMSA India gives you the opportunity to participate in online quizzes to fire your neurons, make your opponents nervous, answer challenging questions and learn new stuff every day!

Where is the party tonight? Do you study hard and socialize harder?
AMSA-India invites you to the biggest party in town. Any medical jargon you can think of?
We talk about that ranging from personal stories, facts, opinions and interesting breakthroughs in the healthcare system.
Get the chance to interact with AMSA members throughout your country and make new bonds while adding to your knowledge and having fun at the same time!

Our Team

Gunjan Malhotra (1)

Director of Academics

AMSA India 21/22

Gunjan Malhotra

National Officers of Academics

Taniya Poulik

Pranjal Jain

Sohail Thapar

Shraddha Sawhney

Sara Saxena

Laksh S Agrawal