AMSA India
  • New Delhi, India
"We don't get unlimited chances to have the things that we want, and this I know. Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life." - Grey's Anatomy

.......and AMSA India has been that life changing opportunity.

Dear people of tomorrow,
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the official website of AMSA India.
Having been closely associated with AMSA since my first year of medical college, I am eternally grateful to the exposure and platform that this organisation has provided me one after the other. From a member to Cultural Secretary and now, finally to the Regional Chairperson... it has been a roller coaster ride, one that only goes up!
I am also fortunate to have a very committed executive board to work along with me who have been actively working for the past few months to bring about the changes that we all have noticed this year. This website is only one such example.
With AMSA India's significant expansion during the last two years , we have been able to send increasing number of delegates to international events especially conferences (AMSC/EAMSC) that offer a stage to present researches and compete in photography, poster competitions etc. The cultural events like international booth and dance night have proved to be a great way for our members to experience different cultures around the world.
I truly hope that as we transit to doctors of tomorrow from students of today, AMSA India helps catalyze global connections with our medical friends all across the globe .
Navita Jain
Regional Chairperson- AMSA India
AMSA International 18-19