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About Us

The Asian Medical Students' Association (AMSA) International is the peak representative organisation for medical students from across the Asia-Pacific and beyond. A major aim of AMSA International is to provide enrichment for future doctors from our current 24 member national/regional chapters from Asia and around the world. AMSA and its multinational activities serve as platforms for students toshare knowledge, undertake activities which benefit local and international communities and create and maintain transnational friendships, thus aiming to further our vision of "Knowledge, Action and Friendship".
AMSA was officially founded in Manilla, Philippines in 1985 and from this day has been an active, dynamic and exciting student-led, not-for-profit, non-political organisation.
Today, with members and friends spanning the globe AMSA has an active student-exchange program, regularly undertakes national and regional projects, provides humanitarian assistance at times of need, produces quarterly student publications and liaises with the World Health Organisation, the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia and many other international and regional medical student organisations.
Since it was first established in 1979 and the first conference was held in Mahidol University of Thailand the Asian Medical Students’ Conferences have been a key focus for the organisation. Now held biannually in January/February and July/August these events see over 700 students from across the world combine to learn from each other, teach their fellow peers and develop lasting friendships.

Our Vision

The AMSA Vision

The inception of AMSA India came with the six students who went to HongKong to attend the Joint Conference (between AMSA Intl & IFMSA Asia-Pacific) in July’11. Since then AMSA India has been flourishing organisation and is now Full Member of AMSA International.

The AMSA Vision can be summarized in three aspects which are KnowledgeAction and Friendship. Three areas we continuously strive to further in our members and peers through our organisational mission:

  • Knowledge : we promote scientific and medical activities to increase and expand our knowledge whilst training to become the medical professionals of the future.
  • Action : as medical students, we are concerned for the community around us and endeavor to do things for the benefit and improvement of our fellow citizens.
  • Friendship : as future doctors, we aim to build and maintain a good relationship among our colleagues of the Asia-Pacific and beyond.
Countries Reached

meet our team


Rohini Dutta
Regional Chairperson
Vrinda Pahuja
Vice-Overall Chair Person (Internal)
Priyansh Nathani
Vice-Overall Chairperson (External)
Alen Joseph
Secretary Finance
Gurleen Sangha
AMSEP Director
Saundarya Monga
Secretary Membership and Development
Divij Sharma
Secretary Academics
Madhav Goel
Secretary Promotions and Publications
Srinidhii Murugappan
Editor Newsletter & JAMSA
Jay Gohri
Secretary Partnerships
Kanwarpal Selhi
National IT Secretary
Nikita Goyal
Secretary Cultural Affairs
Govind Singh
Secretary Marketing and Sponsorships
Asmitha Reddy
Secretary, Newsletter

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